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Chairs Guidelines for Oral Presentations
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Before the Congress.
Contact –
If you deem it to be beneficial you may contact the other Chair.
Check the program -
prior to the Meeting, please familiarize yourself with the papers to be presented in your session. Check the program on the WCA-2012 website to determine the number of presentations, their order, as well as the time allocated to each abstract (8 minutes is allocated to most of them + 2 minutes discussion).
at least one question of your own in case none arises from the audience. If you wish you may contact the presenter and ask him which question would further enhance his presentation.

Before your Session
Be at your session 10 minutes earlier
to meet the speakers and familiarize yourself with the equipment.

During your Session

Time management - Remind the speaker to absolutely respect the time limit. Use the limit timer on your table to make sure the speaker/s do not exceed his/her time. Should the presentation not take place or if a speaker does not appear, use the time allocated to initiate discussion, ensuring that the next presentation takes place on schedule. The times indicated in the program usually include a 2-minute discussion time after each oral presentation.
Discussion – Take charge of the discussion period. Recognize questions from the audience and allow each person who would like to do so, to participate in the discussion. Ask the participant to introduce himself/herself and to speak slowly into the microphone. If you deem necessary, repeat or paraphrase the question or the answer, to make sure that everybody can follow the discussion.

Comment - Comment on the data presented in relation to accepted current knowledge. The audience may believe that the lack of comments from the chairs means acceptance or agreement on the presented data.

Right after your Session
Feedback – Your feedback is valuable. Please make sure you fill-in and return the evaluation form to the Room Assistant after your session. The evaluation form will be given to you on-site, just before the start of the session.
We would like to thank you for contributing to the success of the XXI World Congress of Asthma 2012 in Québec City.

Yours sincerely,
Scientific Committee